Video Translation


  • Upload, Transcribe and Translate your Video content!
  • Using captions, subtitles, or meta-data? We got it covered.
  • Use an AI, a translation agency, or bring-your-own (BYO) expert!


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  • Workflow: Add video, Transcribe, Translate captions/subtitles, and Publish in up to 60 languages!
  • Edit: Add Captions, Subtitles, and Rich Content, all with text overlays in any language.
  • Use plug-and-play AI's to do the heavy lifting, and your own staff to do higher value tasks.



  • Infrastructure: $10 per month per language. Example: 5 languages = $50/month.
  • Credit: Pay for different AI services on an pay-as-you-go model. Start with $10.
  • Send your content to an AI, bring your own expert, or send to a human translation agency.


Video Translations

Language Transcription and Multilingual Captions